About Us

The Work and Well-Being Initiative (WWBI) is a multi-disciplinary research and policy initiative to develop and implement evidence-based workplace changes that will foster worker well-being. This initiative starts from the understanding that work is a major social determinant of health. The goal of the WWBI is to provide a deeper understanding of work conditions that support worker well-being, and to identify the workplace policies and practices that enable workers to be healthy in the workplace and throughout their lives. The initiative focuses on workers across a broad range of industries and occupations, but is especially concerned with the well-being of low- and moderate-wage workers.

We also work with corporate and community partners to learn more about effective work design, and we actively disseminate our findings to the public and to policymakers. Our efforts will ultimately contribute to enhancing the ability of workers to remain engaged and healthy in the workplace, with their families, and in their communities.